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Ashes Pouch natural woven bamboo container, ideal for scattering or burial.
Scatter Tube provides an attractive alternative to commonly used boxes, ideal for scattering or burial.
Catributes are beautifully hand-crafted, wooden caskets for the containment of cremation ashes. They are lacquered and hand polished to a rich sheen.
Wooden Casket manufactured in ash hardwood. Varnished with 3 coats of lacquer to provide a pleasant sheen. Natural and Mahogany colours.
Rabbit on Box. The ashes are contained within the base box, sitting on the lid is a beautiful carved rabbit.
Carved Dog with Bone. Ashes are contained in a carved out recess within this beautifully carved Dog
Sliding Picture Frame Tribute Box. Ashes are contained within this beautiful tribute box, the top is a sliding picture frame, in which can be mounted a personalised tribute, or the pets photograph.
Wooden Urn. These beautiful Urns are turned in Mango Tree wood, stained and lacquered to a dark Oak colour. Ashes are contained in a silk drawstring bag within the Urn.