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We at Faithful Friends Pet Crematorium are Pet owners and have experienced the upset of losing our beloved friends. We understand the desire to treat our pets who showed us so much love and affection during their lifetime with the care and dignity they deserve during their journey to a better place.

Collection from either your home or or your Vet can be arranged, should you wish to bring your pet to Faithful Friends please telephone us to arrange an appointment.

Your beloved pets ashes can be be collected, returned to your vet or delivered directly to you by us.

Local collection and delivery is free of charge

Individual Pet Cremation

Your pet will be cremated entirely on its own and the ashes returned in container, casket or urn of your choice.

We have a wide range of these and where possible use the most environmentally friendly materials including, Wooden Caskets, Bio-Degradable Boxes, Woven Bamboo Pouches, Carved Wooden and Terracotta Urns also a range of Carved Wooden Animal Shaped Caskets.

Communal Pet Cremation

Your pet will be cremated with other pets where their owners have also requested this service. Token ash from the cremation can be returned to you.

Pet Loss Support (Click on link below)

The loss of your faithful friend can be a very emotional experience, dealing with the sadness is hard enough then there are difficult practical decisions that have to be made. Please click on the link below you may find the information help full: